Installing a facade has never been so easy, quick, and convenient.

Nichiha has developed a comprehensive facade system for you that includes all necessary installation components and extras, from basic mounting supplies to corner solutions.

All the necessary accessories for facade installation are available from us. This means you don’t need to look elsewhere in hardware stores, and you can be sure of a high-quality and durable result.

Here, you will find step-by-step installation guides and videos for Nichiha fiber cement panels, allowing you to install the facade panels yourself.

Installation Videos and Manuals, Including Standard Connections

Installation videos and manuals for panels measuring 3030 mm and for seamless panels (panels measuring 1820 (1818) mm).

Installation videos for seamless panels (panels measuring 1820 (1818) mm).

Handling Guide

  • Immediate Inspection: Upon arrival, meticulously inspect the panels to ensure they are correctly packaged in pairs with protective cardboard between them to prevent any scratches. Verify that the shipment contains the correct panels and check thoroughly for any signs of transport damage.
    If any panels are found to be damaged, immediately notify us.
    Do not install any damaged panels to maintain the quality and integrity of your installation!

  • Proper Storage: Store the panels on a horizontal surface above ground, supported at intervals tight enough to prevent warping.
  • Weather Protection: Keep panels under cover to protect against rain. If outdoor storage is unavoidable, ensure they’re securely covered to remain dry.

  • Moisture Caution: Avoid leaving panels outside for extended periods. Moisture absorption from rain or humidity can irreversibly damage the panels.
    Installing wet or damp panels is prohibited.

    For detailed instructions and tips to maintain the integrity of the facade panels, read the handling guide, which you can download here:

Cleaning and Maintenance

Compared to most finishing materials, Nichiha facade panels require minimal maintenance.

However, occasional cleaning and minor paint touch-ups or replacement of damaged panels might be necessary. For detailed information on maintenance, refer to the maintenance guide.

During installation, keep the facade panel surface clean by wiping off any cutting dust immediately. This cutting dust, when exposed to moisture, can set and lead to unsightly, difficult-to-remove stains.

Need an Installer?

Not keen on installing facade panels yourself? We’re here to help. Just let us know your preference. We have reliable partners experienced in Nichiha facade panel installation.

If you need advice, assistance, or have any concerns about facade panels, feel free to write or call us. We’re eager to assist because we know quality facade materials alone don’t suffice; the beauty and longevity of a facade are ensured by proper installation.

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