Fiber Cement Cladding Panels

Ideal for covering private homes, apartment buildings, commercial and public facilities, as well as foundations and balcony railings.

Why Choose Nichiha Facade Panels?

A trailblazer and one of the largest facade cladding manufacturers in the world

Manufacturing experience since 1974

A global brand

Over 53 million m2 of facade panels produced annually

Japanese cutting-edge technology and quality

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Quick and Easy Installation

Enjoy the benefits of Nichiha’s time-saving clip installation system that reduces construction time and minimizes mistakes, making installation efficient and streamlined.

madalad hoolduskuludLow Maintenance for Long-lasting Beauty

No-fuss products designed for your convenience. 

Little ongoing cleaning or regular maintenance needed to ensure your facade stays clean and looks great for years to come.

mitmekülgne disainivalikDesign Flexibility for Your Vision

Authentic and unique designs provide the freedom to create a look that truly represents your vision. Explore Nichiha’s wide selection of textures, finishes and colors.

Moisture Management for Enhanced Protection

Protect your walls from rain and extreme weather with Nichiha’s built-in rainscreen. This built-in, meticulously engineered moisture management system allows air and moisture to exit, reducing the risk of mold and water damage to buildings.

Nichiha Technology

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Buildings Clad in Nichiha Facade Panels